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KILLER NASHVILLE 2019 hosted by Clay Stafford in Nashville, Tennessee was a great experience. It was my first time going to a suspense-mystery-thriller writers conference, and I was pleased to meet several writers and make some new friends. I attended three unorthodox pitch sessions facilitated by 4 different agents/editors. Well, it was unorthodox from my past experience. All those pitching had to submit two pages of their novel to read or be read, and the agents/editors decided from there if they wanted to read more from you based on two pages. I am not used to pitching that way, so it was an adjustment.

The highlight for me was getting to some spend time with one of my favorite writers, David Morrell, who was one of three guests of honor. He signed several first editions of his books for me and gave out signed business cards with a photo of him and Sly Stallone. He gave fantastic and informative lectures, seminars, and interviews, one with author Joyce Carol Oates. I have all but three of his novels, and I hope he puts several more out in the years to come.

Another highlight unique to the Killer Nashville is that they have a retired Tennessee Bureau of Investigations agent go in and set up a mock murder scene for the writers to investigate and attempt to solve. I didn't solve it but was grateful for the experience of attempting an investigation and have several questions answered by a real law enforcement investigator. If you're going to be in the Nashville area during the month of August in any given year, give this Con a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Check out a few photos below. 

David Morrell lecture 1.jpg
Me & David Morrell 2019.jpg
Killer Nashville Mock Murder scene 1.jpg
David Morrell lecture 2.jpg
David Morrell interview 2.jpg
Joyce Carol Oates & David Morrell semina
Killer Nashville Mock Murder scene 2.jpg
Killer Nashville Mock Murder scene 5.jpg
Killer Nashville Mock Murder scene 6.jpg

    Upcoming Event: 

I will be attending the Killer Nashville Writers Conference in August 22-25th of 2019. Hope to see you there!

Short Story News:

The DVD of my stage play "Finding Mau Loa" is now available. Contact me directly for information f you are interested in obtaining a copy.


"To Have and To Hold" has now been released in the suspense-thriller anthology SUSPENSE UNIMAGINED by Left Hand Publishers.  Pick up a copy and see where this twisted tale of marriage leaves you. 

"In the Dark, It Sleeps" has been released and is in the sci-fi-horror anthology MINDSCAPES UNIMAGINED from Left Hand Publishers! This anthology is full of stories guaranteed to keep you up at night, or at least make you question whether or not your really want to go to sleep. See HOME page for purchasing link. 

             Now Available on DVD!!!

Finding Mau Loa

"Finding Mau Loa" (finding eternal life) is the story of four castaways who get shipwrecked off a group of Polynesian Islands by a terrible cyclone. The island is not supposed to exist and isn't on any known map. The children encounter an American scientist and her assistant from a pharmaceutical company who are trying to find and extract a secret resin from the Mau Loa plant that when mixed with other known plants will give the user eternal life. 

          Carly, Brooke, Grant, and Rollie find a missionary who was imprisoned in a cave system on the island by the scientist. They must free him, battle poisonous plants, traps, pitfalls, mind-controlled natives, and each other in order to survive this ordeal and hopefully return home. 

Stoker Con 2016 in Las Vegas, NV was a blast! 

Cheesing with the amazing Brad C. Hodson
Fan photo with David Morrell
Heather Graham
Hanging out with THE Tom Monteleone
Honored to have a photo with Megan Hart
Taylor Grant
Event: Bram Stoker Awards Convention 2016


Going to be in the Las Vegas area in May? Go and check out the 1st annual Stoker Awards convention at the Flamingo Casino May 12 - May 15. I'll be there ready to meet, greet, maybe pitch some novels, and definitely LEARN. The convention will feature workshops and panels as well as the Stoker Awards banquet. Check the HWA website for details. 

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