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      This anthology contains my bone-chilling tale "To Have and To Hold", which is the story of a retired fashion model named Tara who has a secret gambling addiction she's kept hidden from her husband all of their years of marriage. Tara has a major loss at the track finds herself several thousands of dollars in the hole to a Miami loan shark. Swearing she has made her last bet and that she will check herself into rehab program, she agrees to work off her debt, but the cost is more than she ever imagined. Tara discovers how one sin leads to another ending in murder and putting both her and her oblivious husband's lives in jeopardy. 

      This anthology is filled with disturbing, yet entertaining, stories is available on Left Hand Publisher's website and on Click the photo/link to the left to go to Amazon for purchasing options. 

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Mindscapes unimagined

     Contained within these pages is my story titled "In the Dark, It Sleeps". It's the story of a 12-year-old boy named Charlie who is special in a way where his imagination can not only affect him, but other people as well. Charlie battles to discern if his night terrors are real or nothing more than dreams, but he  finds evidence that his fears may not be imaginary. He develops defense mechanisms for himself, but can he keep the things in his imagination from hurting his family? 

     Click on the image and go straight to for purchasing options.  

"Finding Mau Loa" is a stage play which was performed at First Baptist Concord in Knoxville, Tennessee on Friday, June 15th, 2018. This play was for FBC's vacation bible school, Concord Quest, which ran from June 10th - June 17th of 2018. The play is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD! Contact me directly for information on obtaining a DVD copy of this play. 

Paying the Ferryman


This horror anthology edited by Margaret Colton and published by Charon Coin Press is a collection of stories where Death is the simply the beginning. It conains my most recently published short story titled "Purgatory." This anthology, published in October of 2015, is available on and at 


         "Purgatory" is the story of a man who didn't believe in any kind of spirituality while he was alive only to discover how gravely wrong he was once his mortal body expired. As angels pursue him with the intentions of binding and taking him to Judgment and demons attempt to devour his soul or kidnap him to force him into their army against Heaven, all he wants is to be left alone. But he discovers too late that not making a decision is a decision as he attempts to run from his eternal fate. 

 Click the image to go to for purchasing options.

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